I am interested in climate change through the lens of paleoclimatic, paleo-oceanographic, and paleo-environmental studies.

I am determining how atmospheric temperatures have varied at high altitudes since the last glacial maximum (~20,000 years ago) by analyzing the 18O18O content of O2 trapped in glacial ice cores. Linking these temperature variations with temperature records at ground level give us new constraints on atmospheric dynamics in different climates, when greenhouse gas concentrations were different from today.

Asmita Banerjee

Asmita Banerjee

Academic background

  • M. Sc., Applied Geology, Jadavpur University 2016

  • B. Sc., Geology, Jadavpur University 2014


  1. Hayles, J. A., L. Y. Yeung, M. Homann, B. Shen, A. Banerjee, H. Jiang, and C. T. A. Lee, “Three-billion-year secular evolution of the triple oxygen isotope composition of marine chert," submitted. EarthArXiv preprint 10.31223/osf.io/n2p5q.
  2. Yeung, L. Y., L. T. Murray, P. A. Martinerie, H. Hu, A. Banerjee, E. Witrant, A. Orsi, and J. Chappellaz, “Isotopic constraint on the 20th-century increase in tropospheric ozone,” Nature (2019), in press.