I am studying fundamental isotope effects relevant to oxygen cycling in the oceans.

These isotope effects include those due to gas exchange, respiration, and transport. The patterns of rare-isotope abundances in the ocean tell us about the mechanisms that control their budget. I am currently using a 2-D model to explain the oxygen isotopologue variations observed in the deep Northeast Pacific ocean.

Email: bl21@rice.edu

Boda Li

Boda Li

Academic background

  • B. S., University of Science and Technology China 2015


  1. Li, B., L. Y. Yeung, H. Hu, and J. L. Ash, "Kinetic and equilibrium fractionation of O2 isotopologues during air-water gas transfer and implications for tracing oxygen cycling in the ocean," Mar. Chem. 210 (2019) 61-71. doi: 10.1016/j.marchem.2019.02.006